The 2016 Imirt Awards

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I'm pleased to announce that this year I came home from the Irish Game Awards with three trophies! Imirt is the Irish Game Markers Association and the Irish Game Awards is a way of celebrating the best games made in Ireland.

For the 2016 Awards, I received recognition for:

Best Analogue Game

Movable Type

Runner-Up Best Game Narrative

The Martian Investigations: Deep Fears

Second Runner-Up Game of the Year

Movable Type and The Martian Investigations: Deep Fears

As an indie designer, these awards mean so much to me. While I've released some games with moderate success, I've also released some games that seem to almost immediately fade into obscurity - and this is disheartening! The awards remind me that people are playing and enjoying my games - this makes me so happy and inspires me to keep on creating and sharing.

While I did mumble my thanks on the night, I want to reiterate that I don't make games in a vacuum. Without the support of the local gamedev community, the local playtest community, and my ever supportive wife, I wouldn't have released any games - let alone games people enjoy!

You can find more information about the other nominees and winners, over on the official Imirt Awards announcement page.

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