The 2018 Imirt Awards

by - 11:57

Sure this news is only over a year old - I promise to update my blog more often! 

During the 2018 Imirt Irish Game Awards(1), Tag City came home with a stack of awards. These included runner up for Game of the Year, of which I am immensely proud!

It also won 1st Place Game Design, 1st Place Analogue Game, 2nd Place Game Art.

Runes Editions have done an excellent work with Tag City, working hard on its development and producing an outstanding physical product!

(1). This isn't as long ago as it sounds. The Imirt Awards are always held in the subsequent year and often quite late. So the 2018 Awards happened in December 2019. It covers all games released in 2018 and is delayed to give judges time to play them and to organise the event, etc etc. 

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