Terminal Dispute

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Terminal Dispute is a roll-and-write game for 1 to 6 players and takes about 20 minutes to play. Really, it's like playing two games at once - one them is a number puzzle and one of them in a spatial puzzle, so you'll find this taxes both sides of your brain at once!


The theme is a little weird. The idea is that you're alone in a tiny escape pod, blasting out from an exploding space ship. You have a few moments to calibrate the escape pod systems and to improve your odds of survival. The two systems you can calibrate are the navigation matrix and... of course... the USB phone charger, so you can play your games while waiting to get picked up.

Each round, the start player rolls 5 dice and determines which dice can be used for each of the two systems. And then all players simultaneously use the dice by writing on their own player sheets. Each of the systems has its own set of rules and ways of scoring points. 


The top box is the dice-allocation board, where the start-player chooses which dice can be used for each system. Below that is the player sheet - every player gets one.

The Navigation Matrix requires you place the dice numbers into a grid, trying to score points for pairs, 3, 4 and 5 of a kind, and straights. You get two dice per turn and the twist is that they can't go on the same row or column as each other - this makes it trickier than it sounds!

The USB Phone Charger is a spatial challenge in which you are trying to shade the greatest number of hexes. You use two dice - one die determines the first hex you can shade in a turn and the other die is the number of hexes you can shade in a straight line. You can't go through previously shaded hexes and some of the harder-to-reach hexes give you a bonus in future turns, allowing you to use the fifth die that was rolled.

There is also a solitaire mode in the game - it tweaks a single rule to emulate the start player changing each turn. I like it!

You can download Terminal Dispute from itch or Payhip.

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