Judean Hammer

A rules-light, historical wargame.


A family-friendly word game.

Luzon Rails

An easy-to-grasp cube rails game. 60-minutes of rail building in the Philippines!

Tag City

A deluxe roll and write game, published by Runes Editions.
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 Ada Lovelace: Legacy of the Analytical Engine

A solitaire roll-and-write campaign game.
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Weird Fiction: Trouble in Shadywood High

A streamlined, one-shot role-playing experience.
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The Martian Investigations

Award-winning narrative-deduction game. Well suited for groups of all sizes.
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Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire

A bidding and bluffing microgame.
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Sub Rosa: Fantasy

A remake of Sub Rosa with a fantasy theme and simpler components.
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Director's Cut: The Card Game

A classic Hollywood set-collection game.
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A collaborative story-telling game.
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Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician

A solo roll-and-write game. Finalist in the GenCan't 2017 Design Competition.
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Eccentric Exhibits

A classic two-player trick-taking game.
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A trivia game for two teams.
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Movable Type

Award-winning family-friendly word game.
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