Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire and Sub Rosa: Fantasy

Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire was one of the first games that I released as a print-and-play and then as a printed edition. The game didn't see much success, but I still think that it is a fun little bluffing and area control game. Unfortunately, I think I made a mistake when picking components for the original edition - I chose to have players use tokens rather than cards to place their bids. This makes the game look tidy on the table, but is unwieldy to play. I also wasn't very happy with the theme of the game - I determined that a spy theme it would be more marketable, but I'm no longer so sure of that.

A few years later, I decided that I wanted to retheme Sub Rosa, fix the component choices, and give it another chance to find its audience. The tokens are now cards, meaning it's slightly more work to build the print-and-play, but easier to play. The spy theme is gone, and now the game has a fantasy vibe with fun locations and weird characters - I think the locations are a better thematic match for the in game actions too.

You can download Sub Rosa: Fantasy from

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