Games Looking for a Publisher

All of these games are finished, but looking for a publisher. Maybe you can give them a home. If you want more details, demos, or sell sheets, email me!

Sample image for an unpublished game.

Verdant Arizona

Features: Tight drafting mechanism and puzzly gameplay. 20-30 minutes. Language independent.

Audience: Family level, couples.

Number of players: 2


Verdant Arizona is a 2-player competitive drafting and puzzle game. Players are owners of rival botanical gardens, colling cactus samples for their own institution. Unfortnately, budget cuts mean that they have to travel around the flower markets in the same car! Gameplay requires players to watch one another's boards and solve a tough scoring puzzle on each of their turns.

Here is a link to a sell-sheet.

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Deal With It

Features: Closed economy auction game. High player count with few components. 20-30 minutes. Push your luck. Tableau building. Lots of yelling!

Audience: Families and gamers.

Number of players: 3-6


Deal With It is a fast auction game with a closed economy. Having such an economy makes it easier than many auction games - players don't have to wonder too much about how much things are worth.

In Deal With It, players buy and sell fruit cards, to amass high scoring collections of fruits OR to just get rich. Either approach can win you the game!

The order in which players buy fruit cards determines the value of those cards, so players must carefully time their actions. Running out of money at the wrong time can ruin your plans! On their turn, a player puts a card from their hand up for auction. If another player wins the auction, the original player is paid the winning bid. If the original player wins the auction, the pickles are removed from the game. Cards that are won at auction are placed in a player's tableau following very simple rules.

Once every card has been auctioned, the game is over. Fruits in tableaus are worth points depending on how they are positioned relative to other fruits. Subsequently, the same fruit can be worth different amounts to different players. Coins are also worth points, opening up another possible route to victory for shrewd fruit sellers.

Sample image for an unpublished game.

Luzon Rails

Features: 18XX style game, with simple rules and a quick play time. Impressive table presence.

Audience: Gamers

Number of players: 3-6, with an additional solo mode.


Luzon Rails has already been self published and the initial print run has sold out. It has also been published in the Japanese market by SunnyBird.

Gameplay is card-driven and involved players buying shares in rail companies and then developing those companies to achieve large pay-outs. You can read more details on its game page.

I'm currently open to other publishers licencing Luzon Rails in English and other languages.

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Eccentric Exhibits

Features: A two-player, 20-card trick-taking game.

Audience: Couples, families, gamers.

Number of players: 2


Eccentric Exhibits is a 2-player, 20-card trick-taking game. In this game, players are rival museum curators trying to arrange the most prestigious exhibitions of bizarre and unusual artifacts - unicorn hooves, kraken tentacles, books of pure evil, and alien skulls, to name a few.

You can read more about Eccentric Exhibits and fine a print-and-play on its game page.

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Unfinished Business

Features: Drawing party game with a spooky twist.

Audience: Large social groups

Number of players: 3-8


Unfinished Business is a party drawing game for large groups of social gamers. In this spooky games, players pretend to communicate with the dead, in order to deduce what unfinished business those ghosts may have. The problem is that the ghosts may only communicate through the medium of terrible drawings.

This spooky game is a playtest-favourite and a PNP is available on

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Terminal Dispute

Features: Roll and write with fun dice-drafting. Includes a solo-mode.

Audience: Families, gamers.

Number of players: 1-4


Emergency sirens blare throughout the starship and you race to the escape pods. Take a moment to fully activate the escape systems and you stand a much better chance of survival. Of course, the Navigation Matrix is vital, but so is the USB Phone Charger — you wouldn't want to be floating in space without access to your games!

In this roll and write game, players are interfacing with an escape pod terminal. Over twelve turns, they will use dice to put numbers into the Navigation Matrix and power up the Phone Charger. At the end of the game, the player who has most efficiently completed these tasks is the winner.

Download a demo at

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Whiskers in the Dark

Features: Two-player hidden-movement game.

Audience: Couples, gamers.

Number of players: 2


This game was made in collaboration with Angelo Nikolaou.

Whiskers in the Dark is a tense game of cat and mouse! One player is a mouse hunting cheese in an apartment. The other player is a cat trying to catch that mouse! Each player must make use of their particular skills to get the upper hand. If the mouse can eat enough cheese before running out of time or being caught by the cat, they win! All the cat has to do is chow down on the mouse... if they can find it!

This game uses only 18 cards and a pad of paper. Download the demo at

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Features: A team-based trivia game.

Audience: Families, social gamers.

Number of players: 2-10


Disorderly is a trivia game where players don't need to know the correct answers - they simply must convince the opposing team that they do!

A simple, yet tricky scoring system means that teams of players can score points for being mostly right as they attempt to figure out which animals have the most teeth, or which countries drink the most vodka...

Contact me for a demonstration of this game.

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Features: Tiny format RPG and storytelling.

Audience: Story-game fans, families

Number of players: 2-6


Voyage is a collaborative storytelling game contained in a small deck of prompt cards. Together, players create a travelling group of characters and face challenges and triumphs, developing a unique and unexpected story over an evening of play.

Contact me for a demonstration of this game.